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Turnagain Wellness

Turnagain Wellness is named after a body of water I grew up on in Alaska. Just south of Anchorage, Turnagain Arm was a vital source of nourishment for our community as we tapped into it not only for our communal water supply, but for inspiration. Turnagain Arm has the second highest tide differential in North America. At low tide you can walk across the mud flats and at high tide you can watch the beluga whales breaching. Turnagain Arm’s bore tides are epic, the "bore" is a tidal phenomenon in which the leading edge of the incoming tide clashes with the flow of the outgoing tide to form a single wave that travels through the long inlet bringing with it the high tide. These waves are favorites to many surfers and kayakers that have the opportunity to catch a wave that they can ride for miles and miles. But you have to be there, be ready and take the risk to ride it!

I founded Turnagain Wellness with my mother, Elizabeth Johnson, LMFT in 2012. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Liz sees families, couples, and individuals. My mom and I share a passion for creating an environment that cultivates safety, compassion and growth.

As a licensed holistic counselor, I am interested in supporting and enhancing mind, body and spirit of each client. I hold space, guidance and support that leads to personal transformation and integration. While this process takes courage, it can be lifesaving and life changing. My ideal client is someone who is ready to take the risk to fully embrace their strengths and their vulnerabilities in order to live a meaningful life.

My approach to healing and transformation is based on a holistic approach. By assessing the body the mind and the spirit, my clients and I work together to create a treatment plan that is unique to their specific needs. Holistic methods include yoga philosophy, meditation, visualization, breath work, chakras and more.

My extensive studies in philosophy and yoga allow me to access a layer of healing that goes beyond traditional methods. The integration of the psychospiritual and psychosomatic realms of being are the gateway to living a balanced, joyful and purposeful life.

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