Saturday 9-11am | Trail location announced prior to event.


Enjoy the diverse beauty of Rhode Island in each of the heartfully chosen locations. All excursions are intentionally crafted around a meditative theme and include meditation in motion, integration activities, ritual, and ceremony.

Time & Location

Saturday 9-11am
Trail location announced prior to event.

About the Event

Coral Brown and Kirsten O’Neill are your guides for this curated outdoor series. Now, more than ever, it is essential for us to cultivate and establish our connection and pay homage, reverence, and recognition to Mother Earth. It is from her that we inherited our fierce resilience, adaptability, and the will to survive and thrive. This offering aims to rekindle our innate, but sometimes forgotten, connection to nature and one another. Witnessing the reflection of the self in all that surrounds us creates an overwhelming, necessary, and permanent sense of belonging.

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